Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cooking Classes for Kids

Are you staying in town this summer, trying to save money on gas and travel? Do you know how you are going to continue your kids learning through the months? Why not send them to Portland’s Culinary Workshop to learn vital life skills!

PCW offers kids classes on Thursday morning for children 5 yrs and up and starting in July a teen camp for an entire week. Kids will learn how to make their own Smoothies, Tacos, Crackers, Fruit Leather, Pita Pockets from scratch and more, as well as working in a team environment and developing skills that will last a lifetime. Make sure your kids are prepared with kitchen know-how so they can make healthy choices all while having a great time.

For Teens, July 25th-29th from 9am-noon students will start off learning Knife Techniques, and Cooking 101 and add to their learning throughout the week. Classes can be purchased individually or the whole week for the price of four days.

Register soon on our website though our online store or at 503-512-0447. There are only 7 spots left for the Teen Camp in July.

Kids Classes $45

June 16th Tacos!

June 23rd Smoothies and Snack Bars

June 30th Fruit Leather and Crackers

July 7th Pizza

July 14th Awesome Pita Pockets

July 21st Tacos!

Aug. 4th Sushi

Aug. 11th Pasta from Scratch

Aug. 18th Dips and Salsa, Chips and Crackers

Aug. 25th Muffins and Biscuits

Teen Camp $45 a day or $190 for the week

July 25th Knife Techniques

July 26th Sauces Make it Better

July 27th Cooking 101: Principles of Cooking

July 28th Food from Around the World

July 29th Baking and Desserts



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