Monday, July 18, 2011

Grating Ginger PCW Tip Week 2

So did you dig last week’s tip? Well consider this part two! But before we get to that a quickie update on what’s new at PCW. Our fundraiser for the Sauvie Island Center went smashingly and we were happy to be helping out such a great cause by teaching people how to make good food. It was a win win for us. Check them out because they have a barn dance happening on the 30th of July complete with BBQ that sounds like the bees’ knees.
Our Teen Camp for next week is sold out! We promise that next year we’ll run it for two weeks and add advanced classes for those participating this year!

Cooking Tip Week 2# Beautiful Ginger Paste no work

We have a video of this too because it’s hard to believe this works as well as it does. Take an ordinary box grater and wrap it in plastic wrap on the small grate. Grate your ginger over the plastic wrap and you’ll get a wonderful paste no fiber and no plastic bits. Don’t ask me why this works, I even took physics in college and I can’t really figure it out but I don’t spend a lot of time trying to either. I do know that all plastic wrap is not created equal and if you have cheap flimsy stuff at home things are not going to go well for you. Don’t avoid your ginger because of the time you normally spend dicing it to bits! Hopefully this little trick will allow you to add more ginger to your food without the hassle.
Just wait until next week when we show you what to do with that little bag you find inside the cavity of the chicken. Don’t make that face! It’s going to be awesome!

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  1. is this about the benefits of the ginger paste or something else? because i did not read or watch the entire video may be because i already know so much about this.