Monday, July 11, 2011

PCW Tip Week 1 Peeling Ginger

My in-laws were in town this week. That may not be a surprise to some of you who follow us on Facebook and saw dinner being made for them. One of the many activities we did was head over to the coast and spent a few hours in Cannon Beach. There is a cute little wine bar called Lush on the south side of downtown. We sat on the plant filled patio in the sunshine (yes really there was sun) and drank wine and beer and had snacks.
One of the little appetizers was a balsamic reduction with olive oil and a plate of bread. Now for my husband and I who have been in the culinary industry and in Portland for that matter, balsamic reduction is not new, in fact it’s really old news. For my in laws it was an atomic bomb of awesomeness. And they were more than a little upset that we had never shared this amazing food that is also easy to make, with them.
So my father-in-law suggested (demanded) that I share a culinary trick with him once a week. I thought that would be an excellent idea for the biz and for the blog. So from now on, PCW will be giving you a cooking tip once a week. We hope it’ll be useful and fun for you. Without further ado here it is:

PCW Tip Week 1

Sometime I forget that things that I’ve been doing for years other people have no idea, and one of the things that I find that constantly surprises people is that, you can peel ginger with a spoon.
Just use the edge of the spoon and you’ll be able to scrape the “paper” off the ginger very easily. It gets in the curves easier and you will get a better yield than you’ll even get when you use a peeler or a knife. We’ve even attached a video for you and we hope that you’ll incorporate more ginger into your cooking now that it’s easier to peel. Wait till next week and we’ll show you an easy way to make a ginger paste!


  1. Hi Melinda, I met you at the Portland Business Alliance on Tuesday night and promised I'd check out your blog--so here I am. I love this tip of the week idea, because I agree with your father-in-law, what is second nature to you is awesome and amazing to the rest of us! Charlotte

  2. Hey Charlotte, Thank you so much. I can't believe I didn't see this comment, we appreciate you checking us out and it was nice to meet you!