Wednesday, December 8, 2010

OMG OMG OMG I Think We Found Our SPACE!!

Well what I thought would be a long and tedious process may have possibly come to an end this evening. We went to go meet with the owner and look at a space this evening and well... we couldn't be more in love or excited about it. Basically we were doing inappropriate cartwheels in the street after the meeting. The price? Right! The space? Perfect! The location? Pretty damn good!! We honestly didn't think we would find a place that we felt this completely good about. Not a fixer upper. It has plumbing and gas and some kitchen equipment, tall ceilings, big room, outside access for herbs, plants, and outside seating in the summer. MAN O MAN!
*jumping around, jumping around, clapping hands, clapping, jumping, clapping, doin' a little dance*
So we are going to get an inspector in there to find out what we need for hood requirements, find out about voltage and well we might be in there by February which was our crazy optimistic goal.
The absolutely bizarre turn of events was that the previous occupant of the space was someone who worked at the school we went to and then taught at, so we are hoping to swing a little "support us you loaded turkey" weight. Probably the owner will read this :-) Hi!
So wish us luck that the inspections tell us all good news, that the hood won't cost us a fortune and that the three compartment sink will be left in place!

HOLY COW this is really happening!