Saturday, December 4, 2010

Website coming soon!

 Well we were having some technical difficulties in accessing our own blog. It is boggling my mind trying to keep track of all the log-in names and passwords. Note to self. Write them down somewhere and lock it up.
  We've been working on all the material for our website, finding a format and supplying our web designer with bios, class descriptions and of course blog material.
   Tomorrow we have an appointment to look at a restaurant space, it's probably too big, but it's a nice and I'm looking forward to just be in a space that has more than potential. We will also be spending tomorrow looking at more spaces and areas of town. This part is depressingly slow. Our retail agent has only a few leads and is tough to get a hold of, people with lease signs on their buildings don't return phone calls. What the hell is up with that??
   We had a fancy for the BBQ Daddy spot on Hawthorne but we found out today it's being torn down. What a bummer, I thought that space was great.  If you see a space that would be perfect for us make sure you let us know.
   The plan is ready for action!!

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