Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pins and Needles

We were hoping to have the lease signed by last week. That was enthusiasm and excitement talking and not reality. In order for us to make sure that we are doing everything the right way you have to sit back, take a breath, and call the contractors and the inspectors, the insurance people and the lawyer, and that my friends cannot be rushed.

I can’t believe we have a lawyer; it’s a little surreal. But honestly having someone who knows what they are doing take a look at your lease and make sure that you can either get out if there are major issues or have your tail covered if you want to stay on for another 6 years without a giant rent increase is worth every penny. And yes they are a lot of pennies, most lawyers charge about $250 an hour! Just so you know.

We called three contractors and electricians and had them meet us Thursday and Friday to tell us what the damage would be to put in a hood system. And per what we expected it is about $10,000 and another $3000 for fire suppression, and that doesn’t include the electrical. Luckily we were prepared for that, granted we need to order the parts by TOMORROW at the latest. The company shuts down for 2 weeks and if we want the work finished by the end of January we need to sign the lease and a big fat check for half of the hood up front. Needless to say we are sitting on pins and needles waiting to see in the lessor is going to accept the changes that the lessee’s lawyer made.

We did receive the OLCC application in the mail and HOLY CRAP that thing is a tome! I knew it was going to be intense but geez! Seriously I didn’t have to fill out this much stuff to buy my house. Plus a seventy-question test on Oregon liquor law. That was fun.

We are in limbo waiting for things to be approved and then we can bolt ahead again. Once we have the official lease signed we can finish the OLCC paperwork, finish our other business papers, get addresses transferred and start buying equipment! But first thing is first; we are popping the champagne cork and having a toast!!

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