Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Morning Eel

It's 7am Sunday morning and I'm sitting in the shop listening to Peter Gabriel and eating a salad made of leftovers from Friday and Saturday's classes, Sushi and Mayos and Vinaigrettes. So an unagi, avocado, cucumber green salad with daikon sprouts and a sambal aioli. Some may say it's too early in the morning for unagi but I say, Never!

In a couple of short hours the place is going to fill up with people taking the Knife Techniques class. For me it's such a simple class to teach and yet it's one of my favorite. I love the way that people light up when they learn something that is going to make cooking more enjoyable for them. We both live to take the work out of cooking for others. People might learn a new way to cut garlic, peel ginger, or tackle a vegetable they've been avoiding at the grocery store, and everyone and I mean everyone, is better with a knife then when they came in. It's a very satisfying class.

This afternoon Susana is teaching her Nutrition 101: Feed Your Body. Sitting next to me on the desk are some of her props. People you are in for a treat. Our LCD projector arrived on Friday so Susana is really excited to be able to use her PowerPoint prowess on our presentation wall.

Next weekend amoung other things I get to breakdown half a hog and walk people through the process explaining about meat breakdown in general, pork in particular and how you get from a whole pig to a pork chop, blade roast, piece of bacon or a spare rib. I can't wait! And people taking the class are going to get to leave with armloads of pork. Really compared to other classes in town, this is half the price, you can't beat the deal.

I'm off to finish the class set up, steal another piece of eel and make a pot of coffee.

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