Sunday, February 6, 2011

First Class and Our Doors Are Open!

Yesterday was our first class! Unbelievable! Our Knife Techniques class ran yesterday from 9am-12pm and the great thing for us was that we didn’t know anyone in the class. That was very satisfying. I took the lead on that class and Susana is teaching the Raw Foods class as I write this.

People kept asking me if I was nervous, and no, not at all, it was just great to be doing what we love in our own space. It went incredibly smoothly and everyone had a great time as well as promising they would be back for more. We had several new suggestions for other classes they would like to see and the great thing about owning your own school is we don’t have to ask anyone else if it would be ok, we can run with it or dump it to our liking.

One of the couples that took our class purchase a whole pig and lamb every year and would like us to have a class where they get to break down their own purchase instead of paying to have it done. And wanted to know if I would be interested in hosting that. Hell yeah I would, bring it on.

Our space is filling up and we are completing all the little details that make a house a home. We have pegboards up displaying various implements and we will have another one this week for coats and our tiny retail section. We had two wine barrels delivered yesterday afternoon from our friend at Le Bete Winery. We are getting more tract lighting, induction burners have been ordered, our copier and LCD projector will be arriving this week, it’s all coming together Mwwaahahaha.

Next week we have a “Sushi!” class on Friday, “Mind Your Meat Mistress” on Saturday, another “Knife Techniques” class on Sunday as well as a “Feed Your Body: Nutrition 101 Lecture”. Whew we are rolling along.

We had another blog post from Kathleen Bauer and we shot a video for Thrillist, which should be out in the next week or two.

We hope to see you soon!

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