Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snout to Tail on the Horizon!

We have a busy weekend ahead of us. Sushi making on Friday which I am really excited about since I adore sushi and can happily eat it all day. On Saturday we have a Mayo and vinaigrettes class, which is a great way to understand how to balance taste. Sunday with have another Knife Techniques class as well as a Nutrition 101: Feed Your Body lecture which I’m looking forward to sitting in on since I love watching Susana teach.
The details are filling up our space, we have another peg board for our “We Support Local Businesses” and small retail equipment. Our induction burners are arriving on Valentine’s Day. The best V-day present two knife wielders could ever want. Our copier should be arriving about that time and our compost bin is in time for this weekend’s classes! We might even have the coat rack finished, though our carpenter and tool man extraordinaire had to leave town to get away from all the work we were having him do. Thanks Pop!
Next weekend we have the premier Snout to Tail: Pork! We are getting in a half a hog and showing the breakdown of the whole animal and discussing all the ways of utilizing the entire things from head to trotters. There are a few slots left so sign up soon!

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