Thursday, November 18, 2010

All I Need is Dividers

Aug. 18th, 2010

  It is not enough to say that if I'm serious about something I organize it. I organize everything. I get little quivers of pleasure by sorting things and putting them in nice neat little boxes and then placing them in the proper order. 
     It doesn't mean that I don't have messy places. Ok well I don't have messy things but I have dirty things, I like things tidy, but semi-dirty is fine as long as it's neat and orderly.  I've taken to leaving my clothes on the floor of my walk-in closet for a whole day, but it's only because the door is closed and I don't have to be neurotic about how I might be judged if someone saw it. I will use the much used excuse, I blame it on my mother. 
     In a complete shirking of this imperative to organize I don't plan vacations. I will plan to go to a place and I might talk to people about the "must" restaurants in the area, but after that I'm all about winging it. I have been known to take off with out hotel reservations, knowing that it'll work out even if the town is booked for an event I didn't bother to look up. I wander around, walk the streets, follow interesting signs, talk to people, and go into shops that I think look the least like a tourist place, though I do carry a camera but I try to keep it subtle. I am totally willing to be spontaneous. I think to people who know my penchant for alphabetizing, even the magnet poetry on my fridge in my old apartment, that would be something seen to believed. 
     If I start organizing something you can better believe I'm going to see it through to the end, even if the end happens to be just that. So now that you know this, you can be sure that this business venture will be seen to the end, no matter what that happens to be, because today, I started.... the three inch three ring binder. 

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