Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Domain is OURS!

August 17th, 2010

  I lay awake late last night, partly due to the cup of coffee I had at 5pm, the busy day, and the fact that the temperature in the apartment was easily well into the high 80s, even with all the windows open and two fans blowing, sitting on the couch became sweaty after a few minutes. We alternated between standing while we watched a movie and spraying ourselves down with a water bottle. This is me and my husband by the way. 
     While I stewed over crappy office stuff and tried to relax it popped into my head that we needed to make sure we had our website name saved before any other sneaky person/ company got it, and we needed e-mails, and we needed to start.... needless to say the brain was at a dead run and regardless of whether I wanted to sleep or not it didn't happen. I may have gotten a few hours in, but I woke up well before 5am. I slipped out of bed and went straight to the computer to register our website. 
     I found a great site called "the site wizard" with great information about what you need to do, how to proceed and how to continue and bascially "Registering your domaine name for dummies", exactly what I needed.  It also lists the sites and what he/she recommends and how much it costs. I went with GoDaddy and after a few short minutes I registered our domain name and a back up that we can funnel to us, along with e-mail addresses to match. Wow. All this without a business plan.

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