Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's All About the Details

Aug. 24th, 2010

      Today I started the spreadsheet. I think Excel is one of those things that either can be used as an excellent tool to help organize your stuff (good), I love it for grading purposes, but it's kind of like Facebook, it can be a great sucker of time (evil). You can spend vast quantities of it centering some cells, right justifying others, bolding, tilting the text in the cells, wrapping, formating, bordering, and linking. It gets a little silly sometimes. And sometimes just creating a new worksheet makes you feel like a productive person and that you actually accomplished something for the day. It's an OCD person's happy place, and probably why I love it.
But I went for simple and tidy today, I just need to get it all in a place where I can see it and know if something is missing. I'll format it later, that's like the icing on the cake and only pure fun for me. Twisted I know. 
     Armed now with a spreadsheet and a newly started list of "to-do" things for the biz, there are more and more things I am thinking about and knowing that we are going to have to do. Even though we might only want to pour a glass of wine for our customers once in awhile, if we charge them for anything, the OLCC is going to see the alcohol as part of the sale and we are going to need to carry a license. Ok I got that, the paperwork is a bitch, it take 90-120 days for the application to be processed and you can't process the application until we have a location that is paid for in some way. 
    Well at least we can be prepared with the barrage of personal questions that the application is going to insist we answer. Hopefully my application for the application will go through smoothly and we can leave the location space empty for now. I also need to renew my own OLCC permit. It's been too long lapsed anyway and I really should have one considering the business that I'm in and how much I'm in the restaurant, if I pour one glass of wine for a paying customer I'm breaking the law. Thankfully it's not something I make a habit of. And since I am the anti-procrastinator, almost compulsively, I am taking the OLCC alcohol serving class and test tomorrow.  
   That by the way tacks on $500 starting cost, $250 a year to renew and $2.50 per server. More money coming up. I told my partner not to worry that it was better to know all the costs up front than to be surprised by them later. Not that $500 is a ton of money, but I am very aware of how things add up and I know there are a ton of things we have yet to consider or to find out about. 
   We are opening up our bank account this weekend. With what money? I have no idea. I think I have an IOU from a Life game, it should at least make for some entertainment. 
    I'm hammering details right now, the overall picture is easy, but I'm going to have to draw up plans and cost out each and everyone of them and it's going to take a chunk of time. But it has to be done, I don't want to wing it, I want to have my eyes wide open and be able to answer any question about our business plan put to me with no hesitation. To me being able to do that, to know it in and out and prove that it will work not only because it's a freakin' spectacular idea with spectacular ideas backing up every bit of it, but that's it's financially sound, that is going to bring the money in. 

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