Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase- that's what wild geese are for.

Written Aug. 16th 2010

 Yesterday after my post I spent well over two hours on the Oregon Business website trying to register our business name. You have to have a business degree just to navigate those pages.... all 22 of them. Thank goodness it never timed me out because I kept having flip back and forth between reference sheets and untangling the dialogue. I pray I got it right.  It's one of those things that should be double checked a couple times. 
    After you receive your business registration number you can get your federal tax ID number. For when you make money I suppose. I had to wait awhile for that because on Sundays you can only register between 7pm-12am eastern standard time. WTF?? I could have waited until today but I was antsy and once you have momentum you really need to stick with it. It's like a lucky streak, don't fuck with it. So I left myself a post-it and sat back down at the computer at 5pm (just to be safe) and tried to log on to the IRS website. Several links later I found the page for the EIN or Employment Identification Number (If I'm learning, you're learning), and kept getting an error message saying that it couldn't link to the secure website.  Might be my MAC might be the wireless connection, might just be another IRS fubar, but after giving it a go again this morning I'm going to have to try again from work and hope it goes through. 
     I actually sat down yesterday and hammered out ideas and questions we need answered, all the competition I could think of off hand, and an outline of what needs to be done next. So far the plan is to get a plan and that's going to take some time since my partner and I work wonky scheduling. 
   No worries though I told them we wouldn't be paying our employees until February... that gives us 6 months. 

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