Thursday, November 18, 2010

Desk Dancing

Aug. 20th 2010

       I'm exhausted. Drag out, hard to hold my head up, giddy that it's Friday, tired. I worked yesterday and then went home and baked for 5 hours doing recipe testing for a new edition of a baking text that's coming out. If that wasn't draining enough our neighbors went on vacation and their car alarm went off from 2am-after 3am every 7 min. I threw my bathrobe on over my naked body, slipped on a pair of beat up shoes and marched, as you can only march at three in the morning, over to their house and rang their doorbell repeatedly until I was convinced that they were indeed out of town and not ignoring their deafening car alarm. They are damn lucky it didn't go off for much longer after that because I was roll playing my call to police about a neighborhood disturbance and that a car needed to be towed. 
     Coffee, sweet nectar of the gods, has been indulged in this morning as I had to ride my bike to work by 7am in order to cover a shift for a collegue on a cruise, who by the way, owes me big time.  By the time I taught his class and my class and caught up on office paperwork, I took a few stolen office minutes to shoot off an e-mail to a old purveyor friend letting her know about our new business idea and asking for input about what the damage would be for all of the start up inventory. 
    Holy freakin' crap!!!! And that is in a good way. I was estimating.... for years... that it would probably be around $12,000 easy, and that the inventory would be the biggest chunk of change besides that building and kitchen equip. that we would need. Not so! It's less than $3,000 and I am about to stand on my desk and dance in pure glee. This my friends, is totally do-able!  We could even expand to carry more than one brand, which I think we should. 
    Besides doing a ton of research on our competition and what we are up against and how we can compete, this is the other thing I wanted to accomplish this week and I am, to say the least thrilled. 
    We are hoping to check out a property this weekend, you know, in our spare time. And I promise to keep you updated on all of the hammering out of the details we will have done. Have a great weekend.

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