Thursday, November 18, 2010


Nov. 8th, 2010

I know I know it's been forever since I last wrote. I'm still working doubles, which leaves me zero time to go look at properties and that's really the stage we are out right now. Besides the doubles my partner and I work opposite schedules and that looks like the way that it's going to be that way until after the holidays. 
Since our last investment meeting, we obtained a second investor, which is awesome. We are still going to need a third, which we have approached and are hoping to hear about this week. 
We cleaned up out business plan, added some addtional financials, though I still think that imaginary numbers are well....imaginary, I can tell you with certainty what our worst case and best case and most realistic expectations are based on my experience, but other than that it's a projection based on estimated increase. Basically it's guessing and pessimistic verses optimistic results.... or best case, worst case. We definatly needed more work on the business plan before the 2nd investment meeting, we thought we would get more understanding and someone who had read the business plan a head of time, but we should have been prepared to spiel it like we spiel it to anyone. I wish that I had, had a Powerpoint presentation and five whole minutes. I got cocky with our initial investor and a spiel that was smooth with good delivery. They are all going to be different and have different dynamics. Hopefully we can nail the third one. 
I think... maybe, kind of.... we ,might be finished with the business plan write up....maybe. Of course things might be added to and changed but we wailed through quite a lot of it this weekend. We have pretty graphs now. Marketing, SWOT analysis, projections, sales and marketing strategies are done. 
I made a database for one of our target markets and all of the contacts so that we have a fast jumping off point to do our marketing. We have one more database that I'd like to have finished and that's one more big part target market. Then I can't imagine why we wouldn't be busting at the seams when we open. So very many people in our pockets right now. Sweet, I love people in my pocket. 
We need to finish logo work, memos, packets, letterheads. We need our own database of resources we can use all the time. I can work on that this week. We need to get out website going and we need to find a damn place. Those are our next steps, but we are still plugging.. well no, plowing away and we are seeing our business getting more and more exciting everyday. 
I just wanted to let you all know, that it is still in the works. It hasn't dropped off, when we score the space we will do a little dance and invite you all to join us!   

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